MOPS is Friday, February 14th! Happy Valentine’s Day…Come and share the love!

Love is in the Air!

We can’t wait to see you on Friday at MOPS.  Here are just a few of the wonderful things we have in store for this great morning together.

Craft Time:

Date Day/Night Scratch Off Cards

date scratch off

You can start thinking of 3 ideas to fill in the following dates:

Movie Night In, Dinner In, Lazy Sunday, Afternoon Out, Movie Night Out, Dinner Out, Dessert, Outdoor Fun

The possibilities are endless!  These could be for dates with your hubby, kids, family, parents, friends etc…

Couples Panel

We will be encouraged by several couples in different stages of marriage and parenting.

Empty Nester’s                 Teenage/Pre-Teen            Elementary Days                 Preschool/Toddler               Babyhood

We pray you will be encouraged by these parents who are willing to share how they have succeeded, failed and trusted God to be in charge of their relationships with each other and their children.

Upcoming Events/Outings

Stay tuned to hear more about our February Kids Outing, Mom’s Night Out, and details about a “Messy Play date” in the near future!