MOPS Reminders: Moms Night Out and RSVP for Messy Play Date!

MOM’S Night Out TONIGHT AT 6:50 PM!!!

Paragon Theater Hillsboro Blvd and Powerline Road

Philomena at 7:10  meet outside at around 6:50


When: Friday, March 14, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

 What: A fun time to participate in messy activities with your kids!

 Where: The backyard of the Solid Rock on the property of Grace Baptist Church. 

 How: Sign up to provide the materials for one of the ideas listed below, suggest a fun messy activity for which you will provide the materials, or pay $10 per family to join the fun. 

 RSVP by Friday, March 7 by 12:00 pm to Jen Nicholson 

561-376-9451 or Facebook.

 Additional Details:


1.    Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy with your kids at the playground before we get messy.


2.    Bring your children a bathing suit or clothes to get wet and messy in and a towel!


3.    An email will be sent the afternoon of March 7th with the total number of children that will be attending so you can plan for enough materials for your station. Some stations may need to be refilled during the activity. 


4.    We are planning to have several homeschoolers there to assist with the stations. This play date will be the most fun if most of the families provide a station however; you will be there primarily to guide your own children in a messy fun time!

If you have any questions, please let me know!


Messy Play Station Ideas

Cloud dough bin: 24 cups of white flour and 3 cups of clear oil (baby oil or mineral oil). This is actually cheaper than buying play sand and I love the texture! It also leaves your hands soft from the baby oil!

Water beads: 2 sets of water beads in a bin. Simply place them in a bowl of water overnight and then add them to a large bin for play.

Jennifer Andresen :
Shaving cream table: shaving cream all over our outdoor table. Shaving cream can be purchased from the Dollar Tree.

Goop/Oobleck: Recipe:  5 cups water, about 10 cups corn starch, & food coloring of your choice

Bethany Attard
Spaghetti bin: 2 large bags of spaghetti from Dollar Tree, cook the night before and if it’s a bit sticky add some water.

Jennifer Nicholson Pool: Just water! The kids can have fun rinsing off.

Sand table with play sand: play sand and sand toys

Carina Hoffman Bubble Station:  A large container and/or several small containers of bubbles and many bubble wands, toys etc. 

Jennifer Nicholson Dirt digging: a tub or kiddy pool with top soil, rakes, shovels, tractors, trucks etc.

Squirt bottles: 5 or more squirt bottles

Angie Cavasos Corn Starch Color Fun


You will notice that while these are all messy, they are not messy to the point of potential property damage.

Please keep that in mind when suggesting an alternative idea.


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